December 25, 2018

Personal Goals for 2019


I want to set some personal goals for 2019.

I believe goals are important. They makes you focus and challenge you to meet new objectives.

It's even better when they are visible by others, such as this blog post. It gives me more responsibility than just writing it down in my notepad.

There are two elements that I want to work on.

First is Personal Growth / Branding and the second is to Make Memories.

Personal Growth / Branding

I think there are many ways to improve your personal growth and branding, but here are 4 concrete goals that I want to accomplish in 2019.

1. Blog Posting

Simple but one of the best way to output your knowledge.

I won't set up a concrete number of goals yet, but I will try to write what I have learned as much as possible.

I won't write a perfect blog post, but I will write consistently.

2. Release an App

In my free time, I'm building an application with Flutter/Dart, Crystal, Elm and Firebase.

All of these technologies are new to me and super interesting to learn.

Same as this blog. Done is better than perfect, so I must release it.

3. PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I)

PSM I is a certificate to prove your knowledge in scrum.

Recently my company implemented scrum in our management.

It's a really interesting tool to use, and I wanted to go deeper but didn't know where to start.

I'm not a huge fan of certificates, but acquiring some basic understanding would be a good milestone.

4. Clothing

This is completely non-technical, but I want some better clothes.

I'd like to find something I will really enjoy wearing, but nothing too fancy.

It will be a part of my personal branding. :)


I don't take a lot of photos in general.

When I look back, it's quite sad to not have anything to remind me of the past. There are lots of scenes and fantastic moments in my life I don't want to forget.

I also thought about a diary but I know it will be hard for me to write everyday so I will start taking photos and videos!

First step will be to buy a camera; Osmo Pocket or Go Pro Hero 7 Black


I will try to accomplish what I wrote here, and it will be great if i can write my retrospective of 2019 in this blog.

My blog is hosted on Github. If you'd like to leave a comment, report a problem, or contact me, then that's a fine place to do so.
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Kazushi Kawamura
Software Engineer based in Tokyo.
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